360° Feedback

 Unrivalled among HR skill development and enhancement tools, 360° is a favoured approach to improving self-awareness. Cross-referencing a manager’s self-assessment with their colleagues’ perceptions, 360° is geared towards development rather than assessment.


KDRAN is the result of 20 years’ expertise in 360° approaches which led to the design of a relevant tool that has already been tested and approved by many companies in France and abroad. Based on a multi-observer questionnaire, KDRAN allows users to compare the various perceptions of the managerial skills and practices of the employee and to work with the employee to identify their strengths and weaknesses. It also offers a basis for reflection in the drawing up of a development plan.

360° Service

Would you like to outsource your 360°s ?
Depending on your needs, our team of specialised 360° consultants will take charge of part or all of your campaigns, using our KDRAN tool to structure the approach, communicate upstream with your employees, administer questionnaires, give results feedback, carry out development interviews and draw up action plans.