Aptitudes and Agility



Defined as a person’s ability to adapt to complex situations, to analyse, conceptualise, assimilate and deal with variables, cognitive potential is difficult to gauge without a decision-support solution. Aptitude tests have become the most effective means of predicting professional success and efficiency. Extensive research and scientific studies have testified to this.




Devised on the basis of a cognitive behavioural approach, TwoB-R is an effective support tool in detecting and developing potential. Innovative and unique on the market, it was devised to offer unique insight into current indispensable traits in an organisational environment: Influence, Decision, Efficiency and Agility. TwoB-R allows the user to assess each of the key elements from a behavioural and cognitive standpoint, and helps to interpret score coherences or disparities between the two measurements through a potential typology optimised, under-utilised or compensated potential or potential to be developed.


PerformanSe has created the TEMPO offer especially for companies seeking to outsource assessments, either in bulk or on a one-off basis. Drawing on scientifically validated assessment tools and processed logistics, our interview procedure specialists endeavour to bring your attention to your candidates’ most significant attributes and offer decision-making support.


LearnUP is a decision-support tool for HR professionals wishing to optimise their training systems and maximise their effectiveness and performance. Derived from the synergy of various scientific fields linked to the act of learning, the tool is based on a learning practices self-assessment questionnaire to be completed by the employee. The results are returned both individually and collectively (by department, business, etc.) to allow the company to make objective, strategic training choices and ensure the profitability of its investments.