Challenges & Solutions

The precision of the performance lever analysis must be impeccable and fall fully in line with company results aims.
HR departments and decision-makers must make use of reliable, shared data in order to act responsibly and align employee actions with company ambitions.

Essential to the development of their environment and the optimisation of performance, HR decision-makers and managers occupy an increasingly pivotal strategic role. In order to plan the steady, long-term implementation of action plans, it is important to better understand resources as part of an individual and collective efficiency drive.

PerformanSe assists you to


your decisions based on objective and accurate data


Benefit from a scientific approach and precise information

Make employees aware of the changes and new skills/behaviours that will develop the company and employees of tomorrow

Use the most effective technologies to maximise the efficiency of your evaluation processes.


individual and collective value of your people’s talents


Reveal key talents

Contribute to the development of co-workers

Clarify expectations and evolutions

Create synergy and employee enthusiasm in the company.


your company’s


Explain the decisions taken.

Mobilise your teams to make a commitment and direct their energy towards common goals.

Optimise and rationalise action plans.

Put your trust in our expertise