CNAM Biennial – 30 June – 3 July – Paris

CNAM Biennial – 30 June – 3 July – Paris

The CNAM Education, Training and Professional Practices Biennial will take place from 30 June to 3 July in Paris on the following topic « Cooperating ? ».
This event will be the chance to discuss the theme of cooperation via interactions, interactivity and transactions between players in all businesses involved in the activity of others.

During the event, Arnaud Trenvouez—a Doctor of Science and Techniques of Physical and Sporting Activities, and PerformanSe R&D Engineer—will present the results of his research into collaborative work training.


The event will take place from Tuesday 30 June to Friday 3 July at CNAM, Paris.
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Find out more about Arnaud Trenvouez’s presentation «Creating collaborative work training scenarios» :
The aim of the study presented is to create collaborative work training scenarios. The approach forms part of a ‘situation-based’ training approach and targets the development of mutual understanding. It is presented in three stages: (a) theatrical improvisation games—an optimum scenario for the study of mutual understanding; (b) mutual understanding processes as training devices; (c) the dynamic of collective activity as a foundation for the principles of design.
Three principles are highlighted and illustrated: (a) proscription—using contextual constraints as resources for action; (b) the orchestration of situations to promote changes in perspective; (c) intrinsic assessment of the dynamic of collective activity as a means of promoting collaboration.

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