ECHANGE n°4 : special R&D issue

ECHANGE n°4 : special R&D issue
Discover now the new issue of our magazine ECHANGE , a special issue on Research and Development !



How do we design a psychometric test?

Discover through an infographic the process of the design of a test in PerformanSe, who works closely with psychology research laboratories and who is supported by a scientific committee to offer you the most reliable, innovative and operational solutions.


Decision-making, Predictability and Scientific Validity: New trends for new opportunities

In this permanent necessity to have to make the right decisions, to be able to anticipate behaviours and to be assisted by secure solutions, the HR world is more than ever open to innovation. Which trends really contribute to our professions and through which opportunities can we optimise our approaches and more broadly the support we offer to organisations? With the opinion of Jacques JUHEL, Jean PRALONG et Alexandra DIDRY.

Our recent research

PerformanSe is currently engaged in many scientific research projects in close partnership with laboratories of excellence in their respective fields. These projects give rise to talks at international conferences and to publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Discover our recent scientific contributions or those to be published soon!

HR management in China

In line with its strong international position, PerformanSe continues to explore all the trends and innovations throughout the world and offers an immersion into the world of HR in China. The objective: to understand the context in which the Chinese HR managers operate, what issues and what differences exist with France and the place for assessment and decision support solutions.


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