ECHANGE No. 2 newsletter

ECHANGE No. 2 newsletter

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On the agenda are three expert opinions and a client testimonial:

«Managerial excellence: becoming what we expect from others» by Rémi Finkelstein.

By becoming a shining example of the qualities expected from their employees, a manager ensures their legitimacy, establishes trust and promotes both efficiency and well-being in the workplace. […]

«Giving feedback is good. If it has a real impact, it’s even better» by Alexandra Didry

Simply offering feedback to an employee or colleague is not enough to bring about change in their actions or behaviour. Feedback is properly received and understood if the person offering the feedback establishes a climate conducive to the assimilation of the message. […]

«Is your company (really) ready for digital transformation?» by Nadia Nardonnet
Kingdoms are rising and falling with the digital revolution. Why are some structures happily surfing the digital wave, while others are struggling to adapt? […]

«SHIVA is using Team Booster to improve the efficiency of its Management Committee»
– Article by Aurélie Tachot, published on Exclusive RH.

To help its Management Committee in its supervision role, the Managing Director of the Shiva franchise used the Team Booster analysis tool […]


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