ISO 10667-2 certificate

PerformanSe is ISO 10667-2 certified for psychometric tests design, talent assessment & development solutions

Abstract of ISO 10667-2



This part of ISO 10667 establishes requirements and guidance for PerformanSe in working with a client to carry out the assessment of an individual, group or organization for work-related purposes and to deliver quality assessment services. It also contains guidance for PerformanSe in the delivery and use of assessment methods and procedures that can be carried out on work-related purposes.

ISO 10667 – 2 has the following structure :
1. Agreement procedure
Pre-assessment procedure
Assessment delivery
Post-assessment review


Agreement procedure

There shall be an agreement between PerformanSe and the client. The agreement shall identify relevant information regarding the service and specify all the respective obligation and responsibilities of each party.


Pre-assessment procedure

PerformanSe shall review the assessment needs communicated by the client and determine appropriate assessment procedures and methods to meet those needs. PerformanSe shall make recommendations and add information regarding the assessment provided to the client. These recommendations can be a supporting documentation of the technical quality and utility, explanation of how the assessment results will be used or legal and regulatory issues together with security and protection of intellectual property rights.


Assessment delivery

Assessment delivery includes seven identifiable steps.

Planning the assessment PerformanSe shall develop a plan for the assessment delivery, including the identification of the people to assess, the resources to mobilized and other factors that might affect or influence decisions about the assessment. PerformanSe shall keep secure all assessment materials and data that are within its control and ensure that, participants’ rights are recognized and respected.

Informing assessment participants PerformanSe shall check with the clients that information such as procedures, people assessed, rights and responsibilities or the way assessment participants can obtain help when dealing with queries, difficulties or problem are provided to the relevant parties. PerformanSe shall work with the client to make appropriate preparation for administration of the assessment procedures and methods. PerformanSe shall ensure that assessment participants allow the use of their personal data.

Conducting the assessment PerformanSe shall ensure that assessment administrators have the necessary competence and that they follow the standardized procedures for the delivery of the assessment PerformanSe shall provide documentation detailing the procedures and practices to be followed by assessment administrators during the assessment process. PerformanSe shall ensure that appropriate conditions are arranged for assessment administration whether it be through face-to face or remote, paper-based or computer-based assessments. Where relevant, PerformanSe shall document the procedures for assessment administrators to verify the identity of all assessment participants and deal appropriately with any questions. If the client and PerformanSe have joint or shared responsibilities, they shall agree on the procedures and practices for the assessment and communicate them to assessment administrators.

Interpreting and using results PerformanSe shall ensure that any assessors responsible for analyzing data and providing interpretations of the results are competent to do so. When the client is responsible for providing assessors, PerformanSe shall recommend the required competence and qualifications of the assessors.

Preparing and providing reports PerformanSe shall ensure that reports (whether presented orally or in writing) are prepared in forms that consistently and appropriately details the scores, interpretations, and results of the assessment. PerformanSe shall provide access to the report to each end user as agreed with the client. The assessment participants shall have been notified about who will have access to the reports of their results.

Providing feedback PerformanSe shall notify, prior to the assessment process if feedback will be provided or not and the nature of it. If detailed feedback is to be provided, PerformanSe shall work with the client to ensure that a competent person is made available to discuss results with the assessment participants.

Evaluating the assessment PerformanSe shall monitor aspects of the assessment process under its control for information that indicates errors or problems that might have occurred, or the need for changes or adjustments in the assessment process.


Post-assessment review

PerformanSe shall carry out a review that should include the parts of the assessment that went as planned and those that did not in relation with administration, reports, use of data and the use of procedures and methods.