Aptitudes and Agility



Defined as a person’s ability to adapt to complex situations, to analyse, conceptualise, assimilate and deal with variables, cognitive potential is difficult to gauge without a decision-support solution. Aptitude tests have become the most effective means of predicting professional success and efficiency. Extensive research and scientific studies have testified to this.




Devised on the basis of a cognitive behavioural approach, TwoB-R is an effective support tool in detecting and developing potential. Innovative and unique on the market, it was devised to offer unique insight into current indispensable traits in an organisational environment: Influence, Decision, Efficiency and Agility. TwoB-R allows the user to assess each of the key elements from a behavioural and cognitive standpoint, and helps to interpret score coherences or disparities between the two measurements through a potential typology optimised, under-utilised or compensated potential or potential to be developed.


PerformanSe has created the TEMPO offer especially for companies seeking to outsource assessments, either in bulk or on a one-off basis. Drawing on scientifically validated assessment tools and processed logistics, our interview procedure specialists endeavour to bring your attention to your candidates’ most significant attributes and offer decision-making support.