Devised on the basis of a cognitive behavioural approach, TwoB-R is an effective support tool in detecting and developing potential.
Innovative and unique on the market, it was devised to offer unique insight into current indispensable traits in an organisational environment: Influence, Decision, Efficiency and Agility.
TwoB-R allows the user to assess each of the key elements from a behavioural and cognitive standpoint, and helps to interpret score coherences or disparities between the two measurements through a potential typology optimised, under-utilised or compensated potential or potential to be developed.




> To increase the reliability of your identification and potential management processes?

> To measure an employee’s potential to take charge of a complex area of which they have neither experience nor knowledge.

> To detect their potential for influence and their decision-making skills?

> To grasp their agility and potential for efficiency in an unstable environment?



The results are presented in a customised report with a summary of scores and interpretation keys to facilitate decision-making.
For each of the four dimensions (Influence, Decision, Efficiency, Agility), the report presents:
> A comparison of scores in behavioural and cognitive terms
> Indicators on the potential of a candidate
> Practical advice for the appraisee, with a view to development when their behaviour is not consistent with their cognitive potential


> Unique on the market, this tool offers insight into the cognitive resources of a candidate and their ability to employ them

> The combination of two scientifically-validated tools recognised on the market: Perf Echo by PerformanSe and PEPCo by SBT