Behaviour and Motivations

The PerformanSe model is based on the ‘Big Five’ universal model of personality where five key traits describe and distinguish individuals from one another. The personality is an internal force and a dynamic process made up of patterns of responses in several areas such as behaviour, thoughts and feelings. The PerformanSe goal is to make this operational model suitable for the business world, while optimising its analysis and information potential. It has been enhanced by other strands of research such as studies on the motivations behind an individual’s actions.


PERF ECHO allows HR and decision-makers to assess the individual resources of the appraisee and their behavioural dynamic, principally by studying their personality traits, motivations and values.
The feedback report is extremely rich and nuanced, offering an exceptionally precise description of the observed behaviour while generating a climate of trust and objectivity between the appraisee and appraiser during the feedback interview.


PERF ORIENT has been specially designed to help HR professionals structure and stimulate mobility and career projection processes. It can be used with employees as part of a skill assessment, for instance, or with students as part of a careers guidance process. PERF ORIENT identifies the strengths, areas for improvement and motivations of an employee or student.


PerformanSe has created the TEMPO offer especially for companies seeking to outsource assessments, either in bulk or on a one-off basis. Drawing on scientifically validated assessment tools and processed logistics, our interview procedure specialists endeavour to bring your attention to the most significant attributes of your candidates and offer decision-making support.

WAY-R by Performanse

The WAY-R by Performanse operational talent assessment tool is very easy to use for HR and decision-makers. It allows the company to identify the talents of its candidates and employees and the professional scenarios most conducive to these talents.


PERF SALES is a decision-support tool for HR professionals seeking to assess candidates performing sales duties, or current sales staff for development purposes.


MANAGER-R is a decision-support tool for HR professionals seeking to assess candidates performing managerial duties, or current managers faced with human, strategic and organisational challenges in their professional activity.

« Along with experience and technical expertise, behavioural skills are essential, including adaptability to events, crisis management and leadership. The interview is the chance to identify possible incompatibilities in terms of the expected character traits, but it is not enough alone. What’s more, even the most neutral behaviour from the consultant can influence the candidate’s attitude and reactionsUsing an assessment solution can help to validate impressions and increase the objectivity and reliability of the recommendation to the client. Without decision-support tools, I believe that a young consultant has an 80% chance of poorly assessing the suitability of a candidate/position, and a senior consultant a 20% chance.
Some profiles, particularly managers, are reluctant to use this filter. I explain to them that they receive the questionnaire by e-mail and it takes them just 10–15 minutes. The time investment is minimal when compared with the insight on a career choice which may turn out to be significant.  »


Laurent Derote

Founder, Laurent Derote Consultants