logo_titre_2PERF SALES

PERF SALES is a decision-support tool for HR professionals seeking to assess candidates performing sales duties, or current sales staff for development purposes.




> To have access to reliable and objective information on the sales skills of a candidate / employee

> To implement development systems adapted to the real needs of sales staff.

> To involve managers in their development , through awareness of their assets and areas for improvement  


> Graphs to assess the candidate’s comfort in the three main stages of business relations (investigation / demonstration / closing) and the two main sales approach styles (hunter / farmer)

> Qualitative textual information on the levers for success and areas for development

> Presentation of the reference population results (4600 sales staff) to position the appraisee in relation to their peers.

> A more comprehensive report for the appraiser, with behavioural alerts to the risks of irritability in relations with others, and professional involvement.


> Calibration with 4600 practising sales staff

> The tool is easy to use and understand for HR professionals

> Short, operational training with a couple of two-hour virtual sessions