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PERF ECHO allows HR and decision-makers to assess the individual resources of the appraisee and their behavioural dynamic, principally by studying their personality traits, motivations and values.
The feedback report is extremely rich and nuanced, offering an exceptionally precise description of the observed behaviour while generating a climate of trust and objectivity between the appraisee and appraiser during the feedback interview.




> To have access to reliable and objective information on the skills and motivations of candidates or employees

> To promote a relational approach in your assessment interviews through rich and nuanced interview material encouraging exchange

> To ensure sound decision-making during recruitment processes and career management




> A descriptive analysis in natural language , of the appraisee’s strengths and weaknesses and six standardised sections (first impressions, activity, sociability, relationship with line management, reaction to stress, work environment)
Our database contains 2500 pages of text, allowing us to transcribe each observed behavioural action with exceptional precision. Rich and nuanced, the report makes it possible to establish a climate of objectivity and trust during the feedback interview.

> A scored approach for the appraiser, allowing them to take the results analysis further, and guiding them in structuring the interview.


> An extremely thorough, precise and fair customised report

> A narrative report, accessible to the appraisee, to guarantee transparency in the assessment and provide a foundation for the feedback interview.

> A scientific (BIG FIVE) reference model very widely endorsed in international psychology circles

> An external validation study conducted every five years by differential psychology research laboratories

« To help employees develop their skills, it is essential that they gain self-awareness. This premise is true for employees in the various RTE (electricity transmission network) sectors (development and engineering, operations, maintenance and customers–markets) and for human resources professionals. Becoming aware of how we are perceived by others allows us to take a constructive step back in our interactions with others. Without a tool comprising a scientific approach, it is difficult to understand our reactions, e.g. to potentially irritating behaviour. Giving users the option to carry out a behavioural preference self-assessment, the Perf Echo solution is accessible to all employees looking to raise their self-awareness for career development purposes or otherwise. Employees express their satisfaction following the debriefing, paving the way for a process of personal and professional development. For managers, these tools offer a real boost in terms of grasping employee potential, identifying their scope for improvement and shaking things up in management terms.»

Philippe Petitclerc

Mobility Department Manager, RTE (electricity transmission network)