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PERF ORIENT has been specially designed to help HR professionals structure and stimulate mobility and career projection processes.. It can be used with employees as part of a skill assessment, for instance, or with students as part of a careers guidance process. PERF ORIENT helps to identify the strengths, areas for improvement and motivations of an employee / student in view of 8 major professional activities (administration, reasoning, conception, creation, exchange, supervision, management and production) and to target, with the employee/student, an optimum professional environment.





> To encourage the employee / student to become aware of their abilities and motivations , motivations to allow them to look to the future and ensure their own development

> To structure and invigorate the employee /student’s career plans

> To ensure sound mobility and career management decisions









>The feedback report is a shared ten-page document in natural language, allowing for reflection and exchange between appraiser and appraisee.

> It exposes the employee’s individual dynamic on 8 generic major professional activities (administration, reasoning, conception, creation, exchange, supervision, management, production) sorted into three levels (favourable activities for the employee, activities to be considered with reservations, activities requiring caution).





> A report in natural language, that is easy to understand by the employee / student, allowing them to play an active role in their development



> Devised as a communications tool with a focus on Advisor / Advisee relations



> Does not entail guidance in pre-established ‘business solutions’, but paves the way for development