Tested and approved by HR professionals worldwide, WAY-R is an exceptionally reliable and operational assessment tool, based on a bank of 46 universal behavioural skills.
The appraisee spends ten minutes completing a self-assessment questionnaire online, providing the HR professional with an elegant and precise report detailing the individual talents of the appraisee and the professional scenarios most conducive to these talents.




> To save time during the assessment with a simple, operational, easy-to-use tool

> To identify the individual talents of the candidate / employee, their strengths and their areas for improvement

> To ensure sound and reliable recruitment and career management decisions



> Quantitative results on 46 indicators grouped into seven universal behavioural skills (innovation, flexibility, assertiveness, interaction, attentiveness, organisation, efficiency) and six personal resources (creativity, optimism, tolerance of uncertainty, precision / method, self-confidence, sensitivity to others) > International sample results presentation to compare the candidate to the market

> A text section giving a more precise profile description , for improved assimilation of the results by the appraisee and an open, participatory feedback interview.

> The appraiser has access to a more comprehensive report, with suggested questions in line with the score levels achieved. This guide allows the appraiser to add depth to the interview and obtain precise details regarding a potential issue.


> A universal talent model based on leading scientific models (Le Boterf, Spencer & Spencer)

> Calibration with 9000 practising professionals (Algeria, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, China, Côte d’Ivoire, Spain, France, Italy, India, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Senegal, Switzerland and Tunisia)

> Quick analysis of results with simple and effective graphs

> Facilitated and guided results feedback , by an interview guide

« More than 30 skills can be assessed with the WAY-R by PerformanSe tool. It does not subscribe to any one specific skills model, so it can be scaled and adapted to any situation. All you need to do is select the applicable skills for your business and your model.
We use it in a complementary way in three particularly important areas of our business: identifying internal potential, confirming the skill levels of our employees and thus working with more fine-tuned and targeted development plans, and finally comparing various candidates, which is very valuable in terms of sound decision-making in our recruitment and internal promotion processes. »

Begoña Rey

DHL Supply Chain Human Resources Director – Spain