logo_titre_2PERF MAP

PERF MAP is a tool devised for decision-makers wishing to study the behavioural particularities of a target population / team (e.g. a business unit, subsidiary, geographical area, business line, position, etc.) and draw up one or more suitable action plans as a result. PERF MAP uses a behavioural skill model devised with the company (management, customer relations, etc.) to generate a map of the individual positions of the members of a team. The tool can also objectively detect key and discriminatory behaviour potentially exhibited by the study group.




> To obtain a macro analysis of a target population / team

> To define the disparities between your current resources and your expectations , in the face of a changing market

> To implement support structures tailored to specific needs

> To manage your population’s specific requirements and capitalise on collective performance



Graphs and indicators showing homogeneity, distribution and coverage rates allow you to:

> See which skills are covered by the team as a whole and which skills are most critical

> Classify individuals in relation to others and identify sub-groups with similar or dissimilar characteristics


> A real management tool to organise training or support systems for critical skills
> A range of graphic presentations and indicators allowing for a comprehensive interpretation of the characteristics of your population