Supporting an unprecedented internal reorganisation


The CIC is the oldest deposit-taking bank in France.

An internal reorganisation involved professional reorientation. Staff who, for years, had carried out administrative tasks in the head office, were dispatched to branches to manage customer relationships. This was a radical change of course that it was necessary to come to terms with.



  • Successfully complete the unprecedented internal reorganisation
  • Support the administrative agents in learning their new jobs as customer managers.
  • Optimise recruitment




Provision of three decision-making tools for CIC’s HR professionals, adapted to their different requirements

  • PERF ECHO to assess behavioural skills
  • PERF ORIENTE to support the preparation of a career plan
  • PERF DIALECHO to combine the assessed person’s self-perception with that of his/her colleagues




  • Identification of potential
  • Improved management of talent
  • Recruitment optimisation