To cope with the challenges imposed by the modification of its environment, the La Poste group undertook unprecedented investment and defined a corporate model through the development of skills.
Several avenues for the development of skills were decided, supported by internal agreements concerning the strengthening of stable employment, the development of new jobs and the recognition of professional accomplishments.



  • To prepare a project for each employee
  • To recognise his/her professional accomplishments
  • To respond to the emergence of new professional specialisations



Establishment of an assessment system based on a behavioural competency model

  • Competency model designed with PERF TALENTS from collected information and observations in the field (PERF ECHO used amongst incumbents considered as representative)
  • Behavioural competency model validated over a test period of two months carried out on a sample of 300 people
  • Implementation in four phases: Prior communication/Individual assessment/Consolidation with the hierarchy/Tripartite feedback (employee-hierarchy-adviser) with formalisation of a final document presented to the human resources department

Construction of a second competency model intended for 2,500 operational managers



  • Creation of a dynamic for change amongst staff
  • Identification of zones requiring effort and avenues for development allowing the preparation of training programmes and aid to managerial coaching