Hiring: Recruiting does not mean cloning.

Hiring: Recruiting does not mean cloning.

We constantly hear talk of change, but what is life if not constant transformation and the evolution of one state into another, day by day? Why should our organisations be static? This was an impossibility in the past and still is today.

Can the process be speeded up? Very probably. Can it be predicted? Of course. We just need to watch, hear and identify the faint signals around us. Can it be managed? Obviously, with workers who are different, agile and on the move. The question, then, is how do we find them, recruit them and retain them?

An initial response: Bid farewell to cloning and embrace diversity, the driving force behind creativity, movement and innovation!

For years, marketing has been telling us about differentiation, disruption, the unique selling proposition and killer arguments that our products/services must show the market in order to succeed. Why, then, should we not have this need for change, difference and diversity in recruitment too?

We often hear of recruitment consultants or managers looking for the dream candidate. Is this not the premise of a desire to find the right candidate beyond the alter-ego, the person from our network, school or department who is often selected as the easy option or through the desire to conform? To seek out someone who will innovate, bring new work methods and probably a breath of fresh air.

A risky strategy? Not really. Technical skills can be learned, codes can be transmitted. It is the consistency in values and key behaviours and above all the candidate’s desire to engage, learn and surpass that need to be confirmed. This is the secret of a successful integration and the joint development of the company and its employee.

So yes, we must consciously seek out these diverse profiles. They will enable us to be more agile and more creative. They will open up new areas of development and foster the human value of our businesses by illustrating their true raison d’être.

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