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A culture of research and endeavour is very much the dominant culture at PerformanSe. Since the creation of the company, the continuous improvement of the quality of its tools for today’s and tomorrow’s applications has been at the core of its activities.

A scientific committee made up of four university Professors renowned by the scientific community in France and abroad for their expertise in psychology and assessment sciences.
Close partnerships with leading international laboratories in various fields.
Collaborations with businesses in order to devise, develop and implement solutions responding best to requirements in the field.


PerformanSe is ISO 10667-2 certified for psychometric tests design, talent assessment & development solutions

PerformanSe is a member of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) and is pledged to promote and advance the integrity of assessment services and products and their value to society.


Scientific Committee

The PerformanSe scientific committee is made up of four university Professors renowned by the scientific community in France and abroad for their expertise in psychology and assessment sciences. Their fundamental applied research in differential psychology, counselling and guidance psychology and social and organisational psychology offer enormous insight, creating advances in assessment knowledge and practices. The Committee has a consultation role in terms of the company’s key scientific initiatives, an assessment role in terms of the maturity and scientific validity of projects submitted by the company, and a communications role in terms of passing on scientific knowledge transferable to the business world.


Jean-Luc Bernaud is a Professor in Counselling and Guidance Psychology at the CNAM INETOP (national institute for the study of work and career counselling). A Doctor of psychology with a HDR (accreditation to supervise research) in psychology, Jean-Luc Bernaud was a company psychologist for almost ten years, then a differential psychology lecturer and industrial psychology professor at the University of Rouen. He currently teaches professional and research masters and DECOP (State Diploma of School and Career Counsellors and Psychologists) courses, and is part of the CRTD (work and development research centre).



His research focuses on psychological counselling and guidance in the workplace, career development and relationship to work, recognition in work, organisational empathy and occupational health. His two-pronged expertise in industrial and differential psychology allows him to view psychometric assessment tools constructively, in terms of their psychometric qualities and their use.


PerformanSe works alongside Jean-Luc Bernaud to draw up highly beneficial feedback methods for participants as part of a career coaching and guidance process.


PerformanSe works alongside Jacques Juhel on the psychometric validation process for the PerformanSe personality model. This work has formed the basis of a CIFRE thesis on the development of a self-image investigative tool, written by Sonya Yakimova.


Jacques Juhel is a Differential Psychology Professor at Rennes 2 University, where he manages the Psychology, Cognition and Communication Research Centre as well as the CEFOCOP (Guidance Counsellor-Psychologist Training Centre).

He is also a member of the Experimental Psychology Laboratory / CRPCC.



His research focuses mainly on inter- and intra-individual behaviour variability modelling and psychometric and statistical modelling.

This research contributes considerable applied expertise to the design of assessment tools for personalities and individual particularities, to the measurement of these traits, and to the development of statistical standard-setting methods for PerformanSe tests.


Rémi Finkelstein is a Social and Organisational Psychology Professor and Deputy Director of LAPPS (the Paris Laboratory of Applied Social Psychology) comprising the Paris 10 and Paris 8 universities.

He is also the Director of the Professional Master in ‘Industrial-Social Psychology and Human Resources’ (Paris 8) and Head of the research group on speech and social thought (Paris 8).



An organisational fairness expert, Rémi Finkelstein leads industrial applied research programmes in order to better understand the background and organisational consequences of processes such as commitment, well-being and stress in the workplace.

As such, he regularly offers his expertise to organisational consultancy firms and helps to design assessment methods and tools for organisations in order to improve performance and satisfaction in the workplace.

PerformanSe is working alongside Rémi Finkelstein on the development and validation of a managerial excellence assessment tool. This work has formed the basis of a CIFRE thesis on the psychosocial background and consequences of managerial excellence, written in English by Chinese doctoral student Léa Wang. 







Dirk Steiner is a Professor in Industrial-Social and Organisational Psychology at the Nice Sophia Antipolis University.

His work has made a significant contribution to furthering psychological knowledge of organisations in France and abroad.



His research topics focus mainly on the perception of fairness of assessment tools in recruitment initiatives and the way in which these perceptions may vary depending on culture, context and ethnic/social group.

His research therefore helps to ensure optimum use of the assessment tools.


University Research

PerformanSe is currently involved in scientific research projects in close partnership with several excellent laboratories in their respective fields: differential psychology, collective performance, orientation and skills assessment, artificial intelligence, affective computing, mathematics…
This research is formalised through CIFRE contracts and collaborative work contracts.




Our recent scientific contributions

International conferences  : communication & symposium

Juhel, J., Brunot, S.,  Trenvouez, A., Grasset, R., & Didry, A. (2019). Self-concept clarity and personality profiles at work assessed by Perf ECHO-R, a forced-choice questionnaire. Poster presented at the WAPP 2019, 3rd World Conference on Personality, 2 – 6, April, Hanoi, Vietnam.

– Trenvouez, A., Didry, A., Juhel, J., & Grasset, R. (2019). Soft skills for human resources professionals and behavioral styles in the workplace: A literature review. Poster presented at the WAPP 2019, 3rd World Conference on Personality, 2 – 6, April, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Juhel, J., Trenvouez, A., Grasset, R., & Didry, A. (2019). Response Modeling of Perf ECHO-R, a forced-choice questionnaire of people’s preferred  style of behavior at work. Oral communication presented at WAPP 2019, 3rd World Conference on Personality, 2 – 6, April, Hanoi, Vietnam.

– Grasset, R., Juhel, J., Trenvouez, A., & Didry, A. (2019). On the interest of studying learning readiness from the point of view of personality. Oral communication presented at WAPP 2019, 3rd World Conference on Personality, 2 – 6, April, Hanoi, Vietnam.

 Grasset, R. (2017, June). Proposition d’une méthodologie de recherche sur les apprentissages multiniveaux dans un cadre organisationnel. Oral communication accepted for the Canada International Conference on Education (CICE). Toronto, Canada.

 Wang, Z. L., Finkelstein, R., & Didry, A. (2017, May). Why and how does managerial exemplarity come to increase employees’ engagement at work ? In J. M. Sun (Chair), Positive Organisational Behaviour and Engagement. Scientific Symposium accepted at the conference of European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP), Dublin, Irland.

– Grasset, R. (2016, Octobre). Apprenance et pratique collective d’apprentissage : Une approche multiniveaux. Communication orale présentée lors du 3ème colloque doctoral international de l’éducation et de la formation, Nantes, France.

Ozenne, R., Didry, A., Boudrias J. S., & Bernaud, J. L. (2016, Juillet). Analyse des interventions utilisées par des conseillers lors de la restitution de résultats d’évaluation en situation de conseil d’orientation et incidence sur l’appropriation du feed-back. Symposium présenté lors du 19ème congrès de l’Association Internationale de Psychologie du Travail en Langue Française (AIPTLF), Bruxelles, Belgique.

– Wang, Z. L., Finkelstein, R., & Didry, A. (2016, July). Comment l’Exemplarité Managériale favorise la satisfaction des collaborateurs et l’engagement affectif au travail ? Un modèle de médiation-modération dans un contexte de management proximal et virtuel. Oral communication presented at the International Congress of Psychology (ICP). Yokohama, Japon.

– Grasset, R., & Jore, M. (2016, Feburary). Validation of an apprenance scale and its relation with self-directed learning. Oral communication presented at the 30th International Self-Directed Learning Forum. Cocoa Beach, USA.

– Wang, Z. L., Finkelstein, R., & Didry, A. (2015, May). L’exemplarité managériale perçue : Deux études qui testent son impact sur l’engagement affectif et le stress.  Oral Communication presented at Conference of European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP). Oslo, Norway.

– Trenvouez, A., Kermarrec, G., & Sève, C. (2015, Juillet). Concevoir des situations de formation au travail collaboratif. De l’analyse du match d’improvisation théâtrale à la proposition de principes de conception. Communication orale présentée à la Biennale Internationale de l’Éducation, de la Formation et des Pratiques professionnelles, CNAM. Paris, France.

Published in peer-reviewed scientific journals :

Ozenne, R., Didry, A., Boudrias, J. S., & Bernaud, J. L. (2016). Modéliser la restitution de méthodes d’évaluation lors d’un conseil en orientation : une méthode mixte de recherche. Submitted to International Journal of Educational and Vocational Guidance, 16(3)

– Wang, Z. L., Scrima, F., Finkelstein, R., & Didry, A. (2017). Development, factor structure and discriminant validity of Perceived Managerial Exemplarity Scale. Submitted to Journal of Business Ethics.

Sepulveda, JM., Didry, A. Le psychologue dans l’organisation. Comment augmenter son impact auprès de sa hiérarchie ? Le journal des Psychologues, N°341, p. 42-47, octobre 2016.

– Grasset, R. (2016). Plaidoyer pour une mesure de l’apprenance. Education Permanente, 207(2), 171‑177.



Field Research

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