White Paper | Sources of employee motivation at work

White Paper | Sources of employee motivation at work

Find out what is really driving employee? Discover how to create better “matches” between functions and individuals? 

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Employee motivation is a key factor in performance — that much is self-evident.

We all know that the performance of organisations depends directly on the commitment of their teams, the latter’s support for projects, desire to participate and engage. However, we sometimes forget that, when it comes to motivation… the organisation is not omnipotent. 

Whether we realise it or not, each of us have our own drivers. Each of us attaches specific importance to recognition or money, initiative-taking or integration, for example. Some have a profound need for autonomy, others for relationships. Some are motivated by taking on recognised responsibilities, others more than anything by bringing difficult tasks to a successful close. It’s normal; it’s how we are. And for each of us – deep down inside – this reality is more innate than variable, and more a limitation than a choice.

As difficult as it may be, especially over the longer term, isn’t it one of the key roles of the HR function to create the best “match” between jobs and individuals?


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