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Soft Skills Specialist

At the heart of innovation in assessment science, PerformanSe brings 35 years of expertise with the latest advances in AI and data analysis to understand the individual at work. We transform soft skills assessment into strategic insights to improve your HR processes and global companies’ performance.


Behavioural and cognitive assessments, 360 feedback, assessment centers, collective effectiveness, mapping, etc.: 100% web, our solutions provide you unique knowledge of your employees, their dispositions, their motivations and their beliefs.

The key to sustainable performance

Key to individual and collective performance, the soft skills assessment enables you to recruit using the right criteria, to engage and retain your talents, to sustainably align each of them with their mission and objectives. Prepare your talents for the challenges of tomorrow thanks to the power of soft skills!

Our pillars

At PerformanSe, “Trust in people” is a value upheld and woven into the practice of our tools. The objective assessment of the person lies at the heart of our approach, and necessarily combines with the human aspect, thus contributing to these assessment approaches and participating in an ecology of the mind.

The scientific approach

Using reference scientific models, compliance with international standards, validation by university laboratories and certified R&D projects, PerformanSe tests are the most accurate on the market.

The relational approach

PerformanSe tests promote respect for and consideration of the assessee and assessor context, promote sharing, discussion, transparency and integrity of individuals in decision-making.

The technological approach

100% web and responsive, our solutions have powerful algorithms, analysing human complexity quickly. PerformanSe is certified ISO 27001 ensuring technological security and psychometric quality.

The contextual approach

Our tests and services are transferable to all your needs and contexts. Adaptability is part of our DNA. Our tools are available in 28 languages and can be translated upon request.

Leadership Team

Discover PerformanSe’s Management Committee which meets every week to discuss strategies to be closer to your needs!

Our international presence

Deo Conseil
Head Offices (Paris, Nantes)
Benelux Office (Brussels)
Spain Offices (Madrid, Barcelona)
Italian Offices (Milan, Verona)
Auren Consultores
MMM consulting
The HR Dept
Emploi Partner
Think Pro Academy
Performances Group
Smart Metrix
Cible RH
Facioli Consultoria

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