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Innovative and unique in the market, TEAM-BOOSTER is a collective performance analysis and development tool. Based on the behavioural assessment of the team members, TEAM-BOOSTER provides a rich and precise assessment of the team’s collective operations: their strengths and weaknesses, their level of cohesion and/or conflict in a work context, and focus areas to improve collective efficiency and performance.

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Managing Virtual Teams Effectively

Managing Virtual Teams Effectively

Some managers might have never managed a team virtually before, and without their regular routines and procedures in place, it can be challenging to know how to support your team from afar. Here are some of our top tips on how to manage your team effectively, virtually.

What Makes A Leader?

What Makes A Leader?

At the moment, many teams will be looking to and relying on their managers and employers to lead the way during these uncertain times. But what makes a good leader? In this article, we’ll be looking at what traits the best leaders have in common, and what skills you could be tapping into to provide the best leadership for your team.

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Philippe Petitclerc,

 RTE (electricity transmission network) Mobility Department Manager


« To help employees develop their skills, it is essential that they gain self-awareness. This premise is true for employees in the various RTE (electricity transmission network) sectors and for human resources professionals. Becoming aware of how we are perceived by others allows us to take a constructive step back in our interactions with others. Without a tool comprising a scientific approach, it is difficult to understand our reactions, e.g. to potentially irritating behaviour. Giving users the option to carry out a behavioural preference self-assessment, the Perf Echo solution is accessible to all employees looking to raise their self-awareness for career development purposes or otherwise. Employees express their satisfaction following the debriefing, paving the way for a process of personal and professional development. For managers, these tools offer a real boost in terms of grasping employee potential, identifying their scope for improvement and shaking things up in management terms »

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