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Subsidiary of Julhiet SterwenPerformanSe is a French company, which was created in Nantes more than 30 years ago and now boasts additional teams in Lille, Lyon and Paris and a network of partners and distributors in 26 countries.

PerformanSe designs, develops and distributes decision-support tools (standard or tailored), which assess and develop talent in order to optimise company performance by improving individual and collective operations.

PerformanSe helps HR experts and operational managers to manage individual and collective talent in recruitment processes, internal mobility initiatives, career assessments, skill development drives and analyses of organisation and team operations.

PerformanSe now offers a wide range of 100% online solutions , including behavioural assessment, cognitive assessment and 360° tools, assessment services and mapping of organisations and/or teams.

logo_titre_2 Our Cornerstones

Psychometric expertise and scientific validity,

with leading scientific models, adherence to international standards, validation from university laboratories renowned for their psychometric expertise and approved R&D projects.

A relational approach and commitment to ecological practices

(respect and consideration for the employee’s operational environment) promoting sharing, exchange, transparency, confidentiality and decision-making.


A secure and scalable technological environment, respecting the rights of the individual

(100% online, simple, user-friendly interface, accessible on tablets and smartphones, ultra-fast data processing, data storage on servers in France).

A multi-context and multilingual range of tools

(100% online, simple, user-friendly interface, accessible on tablets and smartphones, ultra-fast data processing, data storage on servers in France).



Seven-year action plans, career and succession plans. In the 70s, company managers were obliged to plan and anticipate over the long-term. As such, it was essential to take a professional approach to talent management and the assessment of potential and behavioural skill in order to improve recruitment and employee development management. Traditional tools—poorly adapted to the size of companies and not intended to offer real decision-making support in the skill management sphere—have proven an inadequate solution. Jean-Bernard Fournier, a human resources management consultant at the time, remained focused on the operational implementation of these action plans. In 1987, he discovered the first behavioural assessment expert systems, designed in the USA. He sensed that this new technology could offer a dynamic solution to the issue in companies of all sizes. In 1988, he signed a partnership with sources based in Silicon Valley and created PerformanSe in Nantes: S for system, E for expert.


1988 : Combining the benefits of artificial intelligence and HR expertise The challenge was to provide the most precise and realistic assessment possible by developing tools tailored to French culture with the ability to reason like experts. Psychology expert Serge Baquedano and university professor and knowledge management researcher Jacques Philippé have worked together on this project from the very beginning. In 1988, a partnership was signed with the University of Nantes Polytechnic School laboratory specialised in knowledge management. It was to be the first in a long series. While the first phase was focused on adapting the original tools into French, it soon became clear that the knowledge bases required development along with more precise and powerful algorithms in order to improve the reasoning process. PerformanSe thus took the start-up route in terms of research and advanced technology with one aim: to develop 100% online French solutions in the field of behavioural skill assessment.


A knowledge-based system to revolutionise HR practices

PerformanSe’s core then undertook detailed work in two directions: developing expertise in the field of behaviour and motivations in professional situations, and conducting research into artificial intelligence. Behavioural study was approached from a fundamentally dynamic angle, with the individual seen as a complex system in perpetual interaction with their surroundings. The idea was to move beyond the usual, overly abrupt behavioural typologies to achieve a more precise description of behaviour in the workplace. The assessment results, presented in a rich, precise narrative report and understandable by all, are now the revolutionary media used by huge numbers of HR professionals to protect their decisions and get their skill management strategy up and running. The PerformanSe knowledge base has been developed in the course of research conducted by the R&D team via statistical analyses and measurements, allowing both interindividual study (comparison with a reference group) and intraindividual interpretation (individual development depending on professional situation).


2008 : PerformanSe joined the Julhiet, offering its added value to the Group

Alain Thibault was convinced that giving renewed attention to the development of the company’s human capital was vital to economic performance. In an effort to become a multi-specialist in human resources management in France and Europe, the CEO of Julhiet was keen to incorporate assessment and skill development solutions. Market leader PerformanSe opened a large field of possibilities. It joined the Julhiet Group in 2008 with the aims of developing and enhancing the range of solutions and services, and boosting the international potential of this innovative company and digital pioneer. The team is young, dynamic and hard-working. Professionals that use the solutions—human resources experts and operational directors—have been consistently very satisfied with the results All the ingredients are there to develop the company and magnify its success. Far from being reduced to an observed object, the appraisee must play a central role in their own assessment. Market leader PerformanSe opened a large field of possibilities. All the ingredients are there to develop the company and magnify its success. The cornerstone of these interlinked interests is the conviction that assessment is not a process of measurement or elimination but an opportunity to come to a joint decision on the basis of fairness, equality and transparency.


Ambitious development geared towards clients and uses

The R&D team was consolidated with the arrival of new researchers and doctoral students. The goal : was to offer ever-more reliable, scientifically-validated solutions adapted to sophisticated market requirements. However these solutions remained easy to use and accessible to all user profiles, including recruiters, managers and guidance counsellors. The training modules developed and adapted to new HR requirements with blended learning processes, combining face-to-face and distance sessions. The Services department developed with tailored services to support companies in their management, action and talent engagement projects. Offices opened in Paris, Lille and Lyon, thus increasing the number of sales staff in the field. PerformanSe has established partnerships in 19 countries and developed solutions in 21 languages.


An international stance

In 2011, the team left the banks of the Erdre in Carquefou to set up on the banks of the Loire in the renovated heart of Nantes city centre. Nadia Nardonnet took over the company in 2014 with the aim of making PerformanSe a European leader to rival the giants of the English-speaking world. She initiated research into new workplace behaviours in order to offer more precise knowledge of collaboration methods in physical or virtual teams. Contact was also made with researchers around the world (China, Canada, Italy and France) to analyse the trends and lay the foundations for new products to support companies.


New behavioural studies

Finding healthy balances between work and leisure time is more significant than ever in these new behavioural approaches. The issues of well-being in companies and working pleasure are of central importance for professional ecosystems tasked with promoting collective and individual sources of motivation. Managers’ interest in understanding workplace behaviour and digital decision-support tools has only just begun. In the future, they will help to consolidate the strategic choices of companies and ensure the quick, agile, precise and objective implementation of action plans. PerformanSe’s added value lies in producing fairer analyses in the interests of relevant and ambitious individual and/or collective decision-making.

logo_titre_2 Commitments

At PerformanSe, « Trust in people » is a value that is expressed in the application of our tools.
The objective assessment of the person, which is at the core of our approach, is combined with the human input of the assessor and this demonstrates our thoughtful and ethical approach.

We believe that the use of the tool and the ensuing discussion with the assessor are two sides of the same assessment coin. This is how the tool genuinely reveals its power and its impact. We believe that the meeting and debriefing discussions are invaluable in any professional evaluation process in order to help in raising self-awareness.

This is central to our thinking and it is based upon the following principles:
Feedback and discussion on the results of a diagnosis or simulation
Active involvement of all players in the same process
Fairness in the implementation of HR processes and procedures
Transparency in methodologies used and objectives pursued
Equitable treatment for all applicants, who are involved in the same process
Respect for the integrity of the individual in terms of their accumulated expertise and know-how
We implement these principles by carrying out additional steps both when putting tests together and also in terms of how they are used. We comply with and provide the following:s : 
The rules that are recognised by the scientific community in the construction and use of personnel assessment tools. The recommendations of the International Test Commission and the American Psychological Association (APA).
A process of validation of our tools, which is carried out by independent research laboratories specialised in differential psychology. In particular, the studies to validate our tools are performed with the support of the University of Rennes 2 and the laboratory at the Centre for Research on Psychology, Cognition And Communication (CRPCC, EA 1285)
Use of the tools by people who are trained in interpreting and using the tools. Training that is obligatory for all HR users, including information relating to psychological models and theoretical fundamentals, the concept of psychometrics, ethical rules related to the use of tests and the conduct of interviews.


PerformanSe is ISO 10667-2 certified for psychometric tests design, talent assessment & development solutions

logo_titre_2 Management team




Dominique Duquesnoy developed his knowledge of the assessment tool market by joining PerformanSe as a consultant in 2002. After implementing assessment and skill development programmes for leading companies in the industry, retail and finance sectors, Dominique Duquesnoy focused on commercial development. He was appointed Development Director for France in 2009 and managed a sales team of 15 people. In 2018, he takes the position of CEO. Dominique Duquesnoy is a graduate of ESSCA.



Head of R&D – Doctor in Social and Organisational Psychology

A Doctor in Social and Organisational Psychology, Alexandra Didry began her career in research and education in the public sector, specialising in the study of organisational behaviour.
She joined the PerformanSe Services department in 2009 as HR Consultant / Trainer before taking over the Research and Development department in 2011.
A member of the SFP (French Psychology Association), the IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology), and the ATD (Association of Training and Development), Alexandra Didry is also a psychology speaker at several schools and universities (University Paris 8, NEOMA Business School). More recently, Alexandra practices cognitive and behavioral coaching.


Head of IT

An IT engineer specialised in artificial intelligence, Bayesian networks and neural networks, Francis Rantière joined the PerformanSe R&D team in 2000 to work on behavioural analysis engines.
In 2006, he became PerformanSe technical Director in order to supervise the technological developments of PerformanSe platforms and products.


Head of Administration and Accounting

Grégory Lorgeray holds a DECF (Diploma of Accounting and Financial Studies) diploma and supported the growth of a jewellery wholesaler SME for around a decade. In 2010, he joined PerformanSe where he is currently Head of Administration and Accounting, overseeing good accounting, financial and organisational practices within the company.

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Since 1988, our solutions have been adopted by more than 10,000 HR professionals around the world, to assess, recruit, retain, reveal and develop talent.
Each year, more than 1,000 customers in all business sectors , renew their trust in us. 60% of these customers are private or public organisations, 30% are employment specialists and 10% are top-ranking higher education establishments and universities.
Over the last 12 months, nearly 250 000 assessments have been carried out on our platform.


Private or public organisations


Employment specialists


Top-ranking higher education establishments and universities.

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Do you dream of a company that helps you to learn and develop? Are you looking to join a team where your ideas will be enthusiastically received, challenged and enhanced? Do you enjoy the thrill of the chase and pushing your limits? Do you have an entrepreneurial appetite?

Let’s combine our talent!

Free enterprise is essential if today’s generation is to reach its fullest potential, so Julhiet Sterwen and its subsidiary PerformanSe allow each employee to play a key role in their journey and their personal and professional development.

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