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Behaviour & Motivations

The PerformanSe model is based on the ‘Big Five’ universal model of personality where five key traits describe and distinguish individuals from one another.
The personality is an internal force and a dynamic process made up of patterns of responses in several areas such as behaviour, thoughts and feelings.
The PerformanSe goal is to make this operational model suitable for the business world, while optimising its analysis and information potential. It has been enhanced by other strands of research such as studies on the motivations behind an individual’s actions.

Aptitudes & Agility

Defined as a person’s ability to adapt to complex situations, to analyse, conceptualise, assimilate and deal with variables, cognitive potential is difficult to gauge without a decision-support solution. Aptitude tests have become the most effective means of predicting professional success and efficiency. Extensive research and scientific studies have testified to this.

 Business Knowledge and Expertise

In a recruitment process, there are always two factors for consideration, which very distinct and yet inextricably linked: expertise and interpersonal skills. E-testing business knowledge and skill assessment tests are particularly effective in quickly preselecting candidates during a large-scale recruitment campaign, for instance, before further behavioural and/or cognitive assessments are carried out to ensure the candidate’s suitability for the position.

360° Feedback

Unrivalled among HR skill development and enhancement tools, 360° is a favoured approach to improving self-awareness.
Cross-referencing a manager’s self-assessment with their colleagues’ perceptions, 360° is geared towards development rather than assessment.

Collective performance

As a team is not a person, is it possible to manage it and steer it towards excellence by dealing with the team collectively rather than with such or such a member? The answer is yes: a team has a mind and an intelligence that creates synergy and exists as its own entity, not as the sum of its individual members. The team is a unit that can and must be coached to develop its abilities and realise its full potential.

Simulations & Role Plays

Assessing an employee’s aptitude to ascend to a decision-making and/or managerial role requires analysis of both behavioural and cognitive ability. Virtual role play solutions make it possible to reproduce cognitive conditions characteristic of stress, priority management, decision-making and dual-task situations in realistic, practical scenarios.

Tailored Skill Frame of Reference

The predictive powers of a business frame of reference depend on the consideration of specific skills intrinsic to each professional environment. While experiential requirements and theoretical knowledge are taken into account in the skill frames of reference, the same is not true for behavioural requirements. This subject is nonetheless an important element of the ‘skill’ concept as well as a key factor for success and professional development.

Training & Accreditation

PerformanSe accreditation, delivered according to your results, following a training course, is essential to be able to use our tools. This accreditation allows us to ensure that our solutions are used correctly, in compliance with our ethical principles.