Stimulate collective intelligence

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...using our collective simulation tests and team coaching experts, to give a boost to collective performance.

Activate your teams’ soft skills

The effectiveness of a team is a key factor for the performance of any organisation. However, collaboration and cooperation between individuals is not natural. So how do you manage to turn a group of employees into a real team?

Team Booster

Develop collective efficiency

Discover a unique tool on the market, specifically designed to understand the team as a whole. Rather than just analysing individual soft skills, our innovative approach focuses on the team’s collective soft skills, providing a global perspective on how to optimise performance.

Team Management services

Go further, together

Benefit from the expertise of our coaches and consultants to design effective team building sessions or for personalised support in team coaching. Our method, focused on the development of soft skills, aims to improve cohesion within your teams for better efficiency.

The benefits of our method


Improve collective performance

In most organisations, performance is assessed on an individual basis. Year-end evaluation interviews are often individual interviews. However, we rarely work alone in a company. Therefore, our performance should not only be observed through the prism of the individual, but also through the prism of the collective.

The assessment of a team’s soft skills makes it possible to understand and appropriate its resources, its assets, and its areas for development. Knowing your team’s dynamics allows better cohesion and communication between its members for more efficiency!

Prepare the team for the future

Efficiency and collective intelligence are above all a matter of interaction between individuals. They are mainly based on the team’s ability to dialogue, share, project and commit to act effectively during joint activities and changes to be made.

By understanding better the nature of this interaction during the key phases of cooperation, you can identify the most adapted scenarios to handle critical situations or events which call for adaptation and changing habits.

Boost collective intelligence

It is not enough to gather the best individuals to create a successful team. To foster the emergence of collective intelligence, we must integrate and understand its way of interacting.

The assessment of a team’s soft skills heightens awareness of its tendency to create a cohesive or conflictual atmosphere (to be together), to take action (to do together), and the collective strategy to do just that (to go far together).

Enhance well-being

The harmony of a team is measured not only by its results, but also by the synergy between its members. By assessing soft skills collectively, we can not only identify, but also strengthen what we call "team spirit". This creates an environment where each member feels valued and connected to common goals, where commitment and trust are amplified.

This "team spirit" is a strong driver and lies at the very heart of sustainable performance and constant innovation, propelling the team to new heights of success.

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